1.Will I be the only student foreigner in the family?

You can stipulate it at the time of the inscription in the application form.

2.My host family will be close to my school ?

All our host families live in Paris ( between 5 and 20mn by subway to your school or university)

3.Can I visit my host family before to confirm my reservation ?

No ( for security reasons )

4.Is the washing of the clothes is done by the host family ?

Yes, usually one time a week.

5.Is there a discount if two people  wish to do a homestay together?

No, sorry.

6.How late can I arrive ?

You can arrive into your family until 9pm

7.What is the maximum age permitted ?

There is no maximum age permitted. But there is a minimum age, which is 18 years. If you are less than 18 years old, you will need to send us a letter signed by your parents.

8.How long before do I have to register ?

We recommend that you proceed as quick as possible. It is really difficult and expensive to find an accommodation in Paris particularly at the beginning of each term. In order to find the family that best matches your needs, we suggest that you contact us while you are doing your school registration.

9.How will I pay ?

To get started, return the application form to us .We will open a file for you, and start to search for a family that best matches your wishes. Upon the payment of the booking deposit, we'll send you the complete file : our invoice, all the details about your host family, the payment schedule and the instructions. Each month, you will pay your family according to the schedule that we will give to you.

10.If I don't' feel comfortable with my family...

In any case of misunderstanding, we will find a new family for you as soon as possible ( of course if something is available). Please note that sometimes all the host families are already booked and you will have to wait a while before you can change. We will not charge you for this service. If there is a problem, please tell us immediately. Don't be afraid ! Please note that your family can also ask us to find a new family for you !

If your family asks us to find a new host family for you ( because of your bad behavior , your no-respect of the rules etc.. ) we will find only one time a new host family for you. If the same problems occur in the 2nd host family, we will not find a 3rd host family and the booking deposit for the remaining days won't be refunded.

If you refuse to stay in the new host family found ( for any reasons ), the booking deposit for the remaining days won't be refunded. 
If we can not find a new host family, we will refund the booking deposit for the remaining days. 
We are not responsible for the change of description that occurs during the stay of the situation at the family home (for example, size of the room, internet access, pet, divorce, lack of a family member etc.. .) If such a change occurs, the host family is responsible.

11.Will I have the keys ?

Yes. You'll be absolutely free to come and go as you please and it's important for your family that you feel at home. If you come back late (or very early !) please try to be as quiet as possible ! Be very careful ! Don't lose your keys or you'll have to pay for a new lock (and it can be very expensive...)

12.Can I decide to stay longer in my family ?

Of course if they are still "available". We recommend that you ask us as quick as possible (not your host family) .If not, we'll find a new family that again matches your wishes. In both cases, if you stay longer than expected, we will send you a new request of payment for the deposit.

13.When will you give me the address of my family ?

As soon as your file is complete and upon our last payment, you'll receive all the information about your family, the neighborhood, public transportation etc...

14.I've changed my mind during my stay... I want to leave earlier or I have found an other accommodation...

It is possible, but you must inform your family one month before you leave (by politeness) If you don't inform the host family one month before you leave, you will have to pay as compensation 1 month of rent to the host family.

15.What's the purpose of the liability insurance ?

In France, it an obligation. It covers all damages in and outside your family's home. It's possible that your school may provide one : ask them (in French it's called "assurance en responsabilité civile"). Caution ! This is not a medical assistance, which only covers your health needs.

16.Can I use Internet in my host family ?

You can stipulate it at the time of the inscription in the application form. Usually, there is a wifi access to Internet in the host family's house. You have to bring your own PC or sometimes you can use the family's computer.

17.What is the maximum length of stay ?

The maximum for the first application is one year.

18. Is the booking deposit refundable ?

Please note that if you cancel/amend your reservation for any reason (medical problem, visa issues, refusal of visa, date change ,other reasons etc...) the booking deposit is not refundable. For example, if you leave the host family earlier than expected, the booking deposit is not refundable.If you decide to change the option during your stay ( for example you change from 3 dinners a week option to bed and breakfast option ), the booking deposit is not refundable.

19. I am not a student, can I apply ?

Yes, our host families welcome everybody.

20. In order to get my visa , I need some documents from the host family, can you provide them?

Yes, sure, we can send you these documents by email ( PDF file )

It costs 50 euro.
In case of cancellation, the payment is not refundable.

21. What does " access to the kitchen in the evenings " mean ?

It means that you will be to cook your own dinner in the evenings. You will have access to the kitchen only in the evenings ( not at lunch time )

22. I have already stayed in one of your families in the past , I would like to return to the same host family, what should I do ?

Please contact us directly, do not contact the host family.
You will have to pay again the booking deposit according to the length of your stay.



















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